Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts celebrated its Tenth Performance Anniversary in 2016, a tribute to the vision, dedication, philanthropy and hard work of its past and current Board of Directors, Executive Directors and many volunteers.

ARCA’s current leadership is deeply grateful to all those whose contributions have helped to bring glorious music and art to the beautiful Allegheny-Clarion River valley and have made ARCA a vibrant contributor to the culture and sense of community in our region.

Executive Director
John G. Soroka

Board of Directors
Dr. Arthur Steffee, President
Thomas Hovis, Vice-President
Barbara Bott, Secretary-Treasurer

Jack Armant
Millie Armant
Doug Bell
Robert Beran
Patricia Beran
Joanne Crosbie
Kurt Crosbie
Nancy Hovis
Dennis Keyes
Connie Hambrick Rennard
Katherine Soroka

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