Red Brick Cooperative Artists

For potter Cheri Lee Yarnell, playing in the mud as a child began her lifelong passion for clay. Today her work is both a reflection of her concern for our planet and fellow humans as well as a celebration of earth and of a spiritual path.

“I enjoy weaving images into a variety of clay vessels.  I am particularly drawn to the plight of amphibians and endangered and threatened species,” said Anderton-Yarnell. “These have become the signature images in my work. From the playful to the profound, I intend for each vessel to evoke a sense of the opbeauty and peril of our world.”

Her work is primarily high fired porcelain or stoneware. Cheri creates each piece individually, from wedging the clay, forming each vessel on the potter’s wheel or hand building.  Some pieces receive surface treatment and much of the work involves alteration through manipulating and through sculpting.



Mark DeWalt

Woodworking has provided both economic stability and artistic opportunity for 4 generations of Mark’s family. He grew up handling and manipulating wood; learned to see it’s beauty revealed through works of fine craftsmanship, and learned to love it’s textures, colors, character and potential.

Artist Statement

“Always living in a rural setting, I have found great inspiration in the natural and historic forms that surround me. I enjoy blending materials from diverse origins to create something new while incorporating time-tested techniques. Recent works have been fashioned using figured lumber, burls, fence posts, vines and my old upright grand piano.”

curly maple low table
Curly maple low table


12 inch Redbud Vase
12 Inch Redbud Vase
31 Inch tall Spalted Maple and BlackWalnut Table
31 Inch tall Spalted Maple and Black Walnut Table

Mark DeWalt vases

Donna Edmonds

Donna Edmonds is a watercolor artist who concentrates on botanical and other nature subjects. She has a particular interest in the native plants of the region along with their pollinators. Donna has a certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration from Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens where she had the opportunity to study under a number of highly accomplished contemporary botanical artists. Donna also worked as an instructor on the Phipps faculty for several years teaching color theory for watercolor applications. She is a member of the Allegheny Highlands Botanical Art Society and The American Society of Botanical Artists.

Donna was instrumental in the creation of the Red Brick Gallery and the Allegheny RiverStone Artists’ Co-operative. She currently directs the activities of the gallery and is a member of the artists’ co-op. She resides in Parker, PA.

Moth on Vellum
Cecropia Moth


Blue Flag Iris


Dragon fly
Dragon Fly

Blanche Hall

I didn’t know I wanted to be a weaver until I inherited a small loom more than thirty-five years ago. The adventure began.  I learned from weaving books and magazines with much experimentation.  A charter member of Butler county Spinners and Weavers Guild, I participated in workshops and many “Sheep-to-Shawl Contests”.  While working with weaving teacher, Sigrid Piroch, I have absorbed much helpful information.  I have woven rag rugs, silk fabric for my daughter’s wedding gown, with a wide variety of items in between.  The wonderful adventure continues.

Blanche rugs


Angela Taylor Hardwick

Born in London, England, Angela was exposed to all the arts at an early age and was particularly drawn to music and painting.  Eventually, a career in the music business with HarrisonParrott artist management in London found her managing international conductors and much of her free time was taken up singing and touring with the LSO Chorus. Angela’s work as Assistant to the Pittsburgh Symphony’s Music Director, Andre Previn, brought her to Western Pennsylvania, where she met her husband, Charles, a violinist with the Pittsburgh Symphony.

Since retiring from running European Artists Direct for a group of European artists’ managements, Angela at last has had the time to indulge her love of painting (self-taught), along with her other passions, gardening and cooking.  Angela has produced a watercolor series including the four seasons of the Frick Cafe and the Frick Greenhouse, which have been on sale in the Frick Museum Gift Shop.  She enjoys commissions to do watercolor paintings of people’s houses and estates.  Much of Angela’s artwork is inspired by regular trips to Europe with her husband.  They live with their three amazing cats in Wexford.



Frick summer

Volant mill

Mikey Angela

Angled building in light

Angled street

Christmas cat

The Maple Inn #32

Angela Garden

Hat & violet

Garden Tea Party #30 - Version 2

Andy Johnson

I am a poet, writer, editor, and teacher of creative writing, philosophy, and theology. My professional career centered on psychotherapy, guidance counseling, and teaching philosophy in college.  I currently lead the “Writer’s Circle” through the Slippery Rock University Institute for Learning in Retirement.  I also, publish and produce spoken word CDs.  I have always been attracted to the combination of creative writing and fine art.  In both high school and college, I founded and edited their first literary arts magazines.  In 2019, I founded and edited “The Eclectic”.

“Writing has been something I could not do for the past sixty years.  Even as a pre-teen I thought all good writing was really a magical code for a hidden reality.  I still do.  I grew up in the family library where I pretended to read by looking at a book’s illustrations and creating stories from my imagination which went along with the art.  Imagine my surprise when I learned real reading.”

My writings have taken many forms from poetry, travel journals, short stories, journalism, eulogies, music reviews, and children’s books. “Sid’s Backyard” is the second children’s book in a series of six books from wife Peggy and  I to our grandchildren.  Donna Edmonds illustrates the beautiful water colors in the book of which I author.  When I discovered her art, I knew it would be perfect for the story “Sid’s Backyard” because it held the purity and innocence of nature which is paramount to the story.  Almost the entire book takes place in a dream where the narrator learns about the world by meeting animals, birds, and insects.  Along with the rich world of the unconscious, Donna Edmond’s watercolors remain a constant source of inspiration.

“Blisstaken” is my poetry/jazz trio and also the name of the CD on display at the RBG. I read my poetry while Terry Steele/sax and Mike Wienand/guitar perform jazz and blues standards and improvisational pieces.

My wife and I are dedicated members and volunteers in ARCA and the Red Brick Gallery where we are in good company with creative artists and stimulating people with unique and shareable skills and interests.



Nick J. Karellas

Born in Milan, Italy in 1960 and lived in Italy, then Greece, during his childhood.  He started drawing at the age of five, with his first commissioned work at twelve years of age.  After moving to the United States he attended Art and Design High School in New York City.

Some of the workshops that Nick attended include portraiture, under famed portrait artist Daniel Greene at The Art Students League, and a summer scholarship at the Brooklyn Museum.  Nick has worked with various mediums in fine art including: oil, pen & ink, and watercolor.  He has been an architectural illustrator while exhibiting in galleries.

While living in Italy, Nick had the opportunity to work in commercials.  His acting career included having the lead child role in a movie, the Italian version of ‘The Prodigal Son’.  Nick is accomplished in classical piano, having performed at New York’s Carnegie Recital Hall at the age of twelve.  Other hobbies that Nick enjoys are chess and practicing his language skills, being fluent in both Italian and Greek.

His European background, with the opportunity of having lived abroad, shows through in the themes that he paints.  His distinct style and realistic approach truly reflects in his subject matter.

Nick - cobbled street

Nick - cathedral


Nick K - blue ocean-ships

Dennis Keyes

Dennis Keyes has been photographing anything that interested him for 45 years.  He has been shooting digital for almost 20 years.  Dennis has placed images all around the world from corporate boardrooms, to hospitals, to CD jackets.  He has images as a permanent exhibit at the International Dark Sky Park in the Headlands at Mackinaw City MI.  He accepts assignments for portraits, real estate, and architecture.  Dennis has created several travel videos and has a YouTube channel where many of his “slideshows” have been uploaded.  He was selected to participate in an international art competition with 1,800 artists from 57 countries and 45 states.  Dennis is a trustee at the Maridon Museum in Butler, PA, a collection of Chinese, Japanese, and German art.

You can reach Dennis by email at:

Check out his website:    and  YouTube channel:   drdk84

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Brady’s Bend Winter
Oneida Lake, Butler, PA

Freedom Falls

omg_text_8.5x11_web-1 - Version 2Dennis Keyes has incorporated numerous images into his epic work OMG.  To receive  a full explanation of the work, you may request the document describing its content and the inter-relationship of the images by contacting Dennis by email at or by telephone at (724) 679-1055.




Jason Floyd Lewis

Jason Lewis is from Clarion, Pennsylvania.  After graduating from Clarion Area High School in 1998, he received a scholarship to go to the Columbus College of Art and Design where he studied fine art.  Drawing and Painting landscape became his primary focus.  From there he went to Bowling Green State University where he was a teaching assistant, instructing an Introduction to Painting course.  He earned an MFA in Drawing from BGSU in 2004. After college, Jason returned to Clarion and married his wife, Amanda, who is a clay artist.  They converted an automotive garage into a studio and display area where they both can work.  Jason is represented by galleries in Columbus and Erie and has exhibited in various locations throughout western PA and OH including Nemacolin Resort, Millcreek Metroparks in Youngstown, Schedel Gardens, Hiram College and the Winkler Gallery. He is also a member of the Red Brick Gallery Artists’ Cooperative in Foxburg where he exhibits his work and is the art curator.  Jason has previously been the judge for high school art shows and for the Clarion County Arts Council’s Autumn Leaf Festival Art Show and is the 2019 judge for the Saxonburg Art Show.My artwork represents the landscape as I have observed it.  The paintings and drawings represent real places, most of them near my home in western PA.  Most of the places I choose to represent are in some way memorable, such as rivers, roads or other significant landmarks.  I am interested in the way man’s activities coexist and intermingle with the natural landscape in rural areas.

Artist Statement

My artwork represent the landscape as I have observed it.  The paintings and drawings represent real places, many of them near my home in western PA.  Most of the places I choose to represent are in some way memorable, such as rivers, roads, trails or other significant landmarks.  I am interested in the way human activities coexist and intermingle with the natural landscape in rural areas.  In my recent work, I have focused on forest interior spaces, exploring the more rugged terrain of wooded areas.  I am also interested in depicting the various effects of light, air and humidity that can transform the mood of the landscape.Clear Creek - Version 2

My goal is to represent the landscape in a naturalistic way. I use photographic reference in the studio to produce my finished works, however, I do not consider myself to be a photorealist.  The photos are a tool used both for designing and for recording facts about my subject.  As I work, I refer to the photographs, but also rely on my memories of observing the landscape and on my recollections of paintings done by other artists whom I admire. I work in thin layers of paint, building up detail and color contrasts gradually until I am satisfied with the visual impact of the representation.

In my work, I try to balance my strict attention to realistic detail with a freedom to manipulate the overall structure and effect of my images.  I try to use gradations, lines and rhythms to create a sense of space and time in a dynamic way.  My goal is to orchestrate works of art that not only emulate the beauty of the landscape but also operate as an expression of my personal response to it.

Deer Creek
Evergreen 2

Allegheny Morning - 7x10
Inspiration Point 21x28
Mouth of Millcreek

Linda Thompson

Though I was an English major in college and a coordinator of gifted programs in my professional life, I have always been a firm believer that the arts are what keep us centered and in touch with nature and the beauty of the world.

About 15 years ago my husband and I spent an adventuresome five years living in Brazil. While there, with few friends and limited fluency in Portuguese, I discovered a weaving teacher who spoke English. I have always said that the language I mastered during that time was that of warp and weft, not Portuguese. It gave me a calm pursuit in the turmoil that surrounds one when one is far away from family and trying to fit into a new culture.

Upon my return to the US, though I continued to weave, I felt I was searching for another artistic outlet. Fortunately, a quilter friend introduced me to fabric-coiled baskets and I have found great satisfaction watching the baskets, each unique, and often not exactly as planned, emerge from the sewing machine. The challenges met and the personal flair I am able to insert have brought great satisfaction and relaxation.

In addition to baskets, I am learning Zentangle, a contemplative art form that provides me with a graphic art pursuit to round out my creative repertoire.

Finally, I leave you with a quote that rings true for me and may resonate with you as well.

“The secret is not the mechanics or technical skill that create art–but the process of introspection and different levels of contemplation that generate it.”  Erik Wahl

L Thompson bird house


L Thompson teal feather

L Thompson teal triangle

L Thompson green flowers

L Thompson brown

L Thompson green fish

Jack and Catherine Trzeciak

Jack’s background as a machinist allowed him the opportunity to work with many different metals. He was often involved with the design and production of prototype projects. In 2005, in anticipation of retirement, he decided to add silver to his repertoire concentrating on the design and crafting of silver jewelry. Since then he has been studying under well-known Pittsburgh silversmith Patricia Falbo at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. His enthusiasm for his art inspired his wife Catherine to join him in 2007. Influenced by an admiration of Native American silversmiths they create jewelry that varies between a clean modern look and an older artisan appearance.  As well as doing individually designed custom pieces, their jewelry is also shown and sold at “So Me”, a Pittsburgh shop concentrating on the work of western Pennsylvania artists.

earrings necklace


black and gold bracelet

turquoise bracelet


brown necklace

green pendant

blue pendant




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