A-C Valley Student Art Exhibit 2016

2016 A-CV Student pastel floral

Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts is proud to be partnering with the Allegheny-Clarion Valley Schools for a second year, presenting an exhibit of more than 100 artworks by Allegheny-Clarion Valley Jr. and Sr. High School students from April 9 to 17, 2016, on the second floor of the Red Brick Gallery on Main Street in Foxburg.

In their educational process, more than eighty-five students in A-C Valley High School art teacher, Anita Allen’s classes have employed the long-standing practice, dating back to the masters of western art, of doing copies of works of art as a study in composition and craftsmanship. They have created artwork that is delightfully diverse and excellent in its reproduction of a wide spectrum of images in various media: Acrylic, watercolor, pastels, tempera, scratchboard, acrylic on slate, charcoal, marker, India ink – plus three-dimensional art including ceramics, pottery and sculptures.

2016 A-CV Student Postcard b-w - Version 2

Also a part of the exhibit are ten of the beautiful acrylic on slate paintings that were created under the tutelage of artists, Andor Jobb and Paul McKissick, during the fall of 2015.  While many students gave the slates they created to friends and family as Christmas gifts, some students proudly displayed their slate paintings in the Red Brick Gallery exhibit.  Andor Jobb and Paul McKissick came into Anita Allen’s A-C Valley School art classroom to work one-on-one with the students on their composition and acrylic painting of the slates, donated by Dr. Arthur and Patricia Steffee of RiverStone Farms… a wonderful project demonstrating the generosity of artists in the community guiding and encouraging the extraordinary talents of A-C Valley students in Anita Allen’s art classes.

3 slates smaller

“Students have been working on their art for this exhibit throughout the year,” said Anita Allen. “It’s amazing to witness their creative process in the various media in which they have worked.  I am grateful that ARCA is exhibiting their art in the Red Brick Gallery again this Spring.  It’s important for the students to see their artwork displayed publicly.  Our community, without a doubt, will get a true idea of the artistic skills our kids have when they see the quality and creativity of this exhibit.”

2016 A-CV Student Postcard acrylics - Version 2

This is the second exhibit of A-C Valley student art at the Gallery.   Last year, more than 100 artworks inspired by the dance were exhibited in the Red Brick as the conclusion of ARCA’s Spring Educational ArtReach program, “Dancing off the Canvas”.

Red Brick Artistic Director, Donna Edmonds said, “As many will recall, the Gallery opened its 2015 season for the first time with an A-C Valley Student exhibit. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was phenomenal. The work was vibrant and explosive! And many people in the community were introduced to the Red Brick Gallery by the lure of viewing the art of a student known to them. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to drop by to support the students. It’s a great experience that leaves everyone with a sense of awe for the freshness and talent of these young artists.

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Superintendent of the A-C Valley School District, David McDeavitt said, “It makes me very happy to have a local organization such as ARCA helping to support our educational system.  Opportunities like the Red Brick Gallery provide our students with learning opportunities that extend past the classroom and into the community.  One of our goals at A-C Valley is to develop our students into productive members of society and this program does just that!”

The exhibit will run two weekends, from Saturday, April 9 through Sunday, April 17, with gallery hours on Friday April 15, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. A Meet the Student Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, April 9 from 12:000 to 5:00 PM. 

Donna Edmonds & Anita Allen w:students

The ARCA Board of Directors is grateful to Red Brick Gallery Artistic Director, Donna Edmonds, for her generosity and expertise in hanging this exhibit of A-C Valley student art this spring.

ARCA thanks the A-C Valley School Board, Superintendent David McDeavitt, Principals Bill Jordan and John Giancola, Staff and Faculty including Anita Allen and R.J. Feicht for their partnership.



Allegheny-Clarion Valley Art Students of Anita Allen
Featured in the Red Brick Gallery Exhibit 2016

Lauren Alworth         Grade 10                 Media: Acrylic on slate, acrylic, ceramic
My name is Lauren Alworth and I am a sophomore at Allegheny Clarion Valley. I am very active in the music, art, and cheerleading programs. This year in cheerleading we won the District 9 Co-ed division, and advanced to the state semi-finals. I participate in marching, jazz and concert band, while I play the alto and baritone saxophone. I like to stick with acrylic art projects, and rarely vary from it. I am also part of the student council and help out with class officers.

Brad Armogost & Kat Martinelli-jpeg

Brad Armagost           Grade 11                 Medium: Tempera
My name is Brad Armagost. I am in a junior in A-C Valley. I did a painting of the best movie ever – Mad Max. There is no denying that it is the greatest ever. THAT IS IT. NOTHING ELSE. P.S. Mad Max rules, everything else drools.

Zach Austin                  Grade 10               Medium: Acrylic
My name is Zach Austin and I was born on August 13, 1999. I live in St. Petersburg, P.A. with my mom, dad, and my dog Max. I’m a sophomore at A-C Valley High School. I participate in student council, golf, and track. I’m currently in my second year of art. The picture I’m entering in the art show is of my acrylic golf painting. I’ve played golf almost all of my life and this is one of my favorite paintings.


Austin Barger               Grade 12               Media: Acrylic, charcoal
My name is Austin J. Barger. I am a senior in Allegheny Clarion Valley Senior High School. Upon graduation I wish to attend the Clarion University of Pennsylvania (CUP) and take their course on Graphic Design. I want to join a design company to be a Concept Artist for games, shows, and movies.

Roe Baum                       Grade 9                Medium: Charcoal
My Name is Roe Baum. I am a freshman at Allegheny-Clarion Valley high school. I am in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Art Club. I also participate in basketball and softball. This is my first year of art. After high school, I plan to go to college and become a crime scene investigator.


Aven Bittinger               Grade 12              Media: Ceramic, sculpture
Aven Bittinger, now a senior at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School, was born June 9, 1998 to Mandy Bittinger of Parker, Pennsylvania. He is part of the school’s Jazz, Concert, and Marching Band as lead trumpet. He also is a member of A-C Valley’s musical, having ascended to acting rather than participating as a stage crew member. When not at school, Aven is Community Service Chairman of the 4-H Clarion-County Teen Council. Mr. Bittinger enjoys reading, running, playing jazz, and engaging in his school’s baseball team as Third Baseman. He hopes to go on to Shippensburg University for Political Science in the near Future.

Jill Caldwell                    Grade 12              Media: Watercolor, ink
My name is Jill Caldwell and I am a senior at A-C Valley High School. I am the class president, drum major of the marching band, National Honor Society treasurer, and the secretary of the Family and Consumer Science Club. I also play varsity basketball and participate in the school musicals. Outside of school, I am a member of a 4-H robotics team and a Sunday School teacher. I have submitted an India ink painting of a landscape. Ink is my favorite medium to work with.


Morgan Campbell        Grade 10              Medium: Watercolor
I am 16 years old and a sophomore at A-C Valley. I live in Parker, PA. I am in track and a member of the FBLA club. For the art show I did a watercolor painting of two little boys running from a train. It’s a scene from the classic movie Stand By Me, which was originally a book by Stephen King called The Body. Art is my favorite class of the day.


Lane Chalmers             Grade 11                Medium: Acrylic
My name is Lane Chalmers. I’m a junior at AC-Valley High School. I am involved in many sports including football, baseball, and track. I plan to further my education in wildlife biology. I enjoy doing acrylic painting.

Chayanne Christo       Grade 12                Media: Acrylic on slate
My name is Chayanne Christo. I am 18 years old, and have been going to Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School for 13 years (K-12). I am a senior, really creative, and involved in many of the school’s activities, including marching band, track and field, G.I.V.E. club, being the president of art club for 3 years, and much more. I plan on continuing painting and drawing even when I’m no longer in Mrs. Allen’s class and have graduated.


Colt Christo                   Grade 11                Media: Ceramic, wheel thrown pottery
I am Colt Christo, I am a junior at AC-Valley high school. I participate in extra-curricular activities such as band, jazz band, and marching band, and sports like football and track. In my third year of art, I still enjoy working mostly with clay, which is why my pieces in the show will mainly be steins and mugs thrown from the wheel.


Morgan Cratty              Grade 12               Media: Watercolor, acrylic
My name is Morgan Cratty and I am a senior at A-C Valley High School. I participate in volleyball, basketball, and track. I am the president of Family and Consumer Science Club and a member of GIVE Club. I am the secretary of National Honor Society and I also tutor 6th grade students. I enjoy spending time with my friends and being happy. I painted an antique shop in an acrylic medium and a tropic floral design in a watercolor medium.

Hayden Defibaugh      Grade 10              Medium: Acrylic on Slate
Hello, my name is Hayden Defibaugh. I live in Parker, Pennsylvania where I reside with my parents. I am currently a sophomore at Allegheny-Clarion Valley high school where I am in many extra-curricular activities, like softball and track. I have been in FBLA for four years and I am currently the secretary. In the future I plan to attend a nursing school where I will become an ultrasound technician.

Samantha Everett       Grade 9                Medium: Ink
Hello, my name is Samantha Everett. I am in the 9th grade. Art is really fun but I don’t know if I can take it next year because I probably will be home schooled. My neighbor is really good at art. She is taking art classes up at Clarion University and is teaching me everything she knows about art. When I get home schooled, I will be able to hangout with her when she is home.


Brady Feicht                  Grade 11             Medium: Acrylic on slate
Hello there. My name is Brady Feicht. I am a junior at AC Valley. I am on Prom Committee and the Do Something Good Club. I am a member of the Clarion County 4-H program. I show lambs and am the President of the Clarion County 4-H Teen Council, and a member of the robotics team. I enjoy working at tractor pulls in the summer with my family. After high school I plan on attending a trade school for heavy equipment operating.

Kari Franklin                Grade 11             Medium: Colored Pencil
Heyo, I’m a junior at Allegheny Clarion Valley (it’s awesome I know). I usually like to paint anime looking people and scenes in art class. They usually have enormously big heads and funny looking faces, because who doesn’t like funny faces and big heads (no one). In my free time I usually just watch a bunch of prank shows and surf the strange side of YouTube. I have a fluffy Shih Tzu named Oreo who likes to jump and sneeze on my face. Oh and I like anime if you didn’t catch that drift yet.

Abby Freeman               Grade 9            Medium: Watercolor
I am a freshman at A-C Valley High School. I enjoy riding horses, reading, and participating in sports in my free time. I am also in FBLA and SADD club. I plan on attending college in the future.


Jeffrey Ginn                    Grade 10         Medium: Linoleum print
My name is Jeffrey Ginn. I was born on August 20, 1999. I am in the 10th grade at A-C Valley High School. I am involved in football, baseball, and basketball. Outside of school I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with my friends. My favorite art project was a charcoal of Ray Lewis.

Alexander Hart             Grade 11         Medium: Acrylic
My name is Alexander Hart. I’m a junior at Allegheny-Clarion Valley School District. I am President of the GIVE club at school; we put on the Veterans Day assembly and help with the blood drive. I have done projects this year that include a clay bowl, acrylic painting and slate painting.

Austin Heeter               Grade 12        Media: Linoleum print, acrylic, clay bowl
My name is Austin Heeter. I’m an 18 year old whose future plans include joining the United Sates Air Force and later becoming a State Trooper. My hobbies include playing basketball, hockey, and shooting guns.


Madyson Hetzler         Grade 9          Medium: Watercolor
I am 15 and a freshman at A-C Valley High School. I am in the Do Something Good Club and a varsity cheerleader, but I also enjoy playing different sports with my friends. Next year I plan on joining golf and track, and I will also take part in the musical at our school. Doing art not only is a hobby, it also helps me relax. When I feel sad, angry, or even happy, I transport my emotions into my projects. My amazing art teacher, Mrs. Allen, has always supported me and helped me when I am in need. She is the reason art has become a bigger part of my life.

Sarah Hughes                Grade 10       Medium: Watercolor
Howdy, my name is Sarah Hughes. I am currently a sophomore at AC Valley Jr Sr High School and am Vice President of the Japanese club. My hobbies include drawing, writing fanfictions, playing video games, playing violin, being in Marching Band, and being on the internet.

Alexis Hunsberger       Grade 9         Medium: Pastel

I’m Alexis Hunsberger and I am 15 years old and a Freshman at ACV High School. The art that I will be putting in the art show is a giraffe in pastels. I love Giraffes. They are my second favorite animal. I love to draw but I’m not very good at it.


Amanda Hunt                Grade 9         Media: Watercolor, acrylic on slate
My name is Amanda Hunt, I was born November 23, 2000. I live in St. Petersburg Pennsylvania and attend A-C Valley. I am a freshman this year. I have taken art since seventh grade and plan on taking it for the rest of the time I go to A-C Valley. I enjoy art because it lets me express how I feel through what I am drawing. After I graduate I plan on attending college and becoming a cosmetologist.

Destiny Hunt                  Grade 9        Medium: Collage with acrylic & watercolor
My name is Destiny Hunt. I am a freshman at A-C Valley. I’m part of the Future Business Leaders of America club and Art club. Since 7th grade, I have participated in cross-country. My picture is of a girl whose dress is made out of blue roses. For the top part of the dress, I used watercolor, and I painted the roses with blue acrylic and white for the details.

Austin Jones                  Grade 12      Media: Acrylic on slate, acrylic painting, ceramic sculptures
Nothing special about me. Just a senior about to graduate from A-C Valley High School. I was born Nov. 19, 1997 in PA. I prefer to do clay over any other form of art, but sometimes I do acrylic paintings. Really do not prefer to compete when it comes to art, so really not very into art shows or other types of competitions such as that.

IMG_7312Virginia Kahl                Grade 12        Medium: Charcoal

I am Virginia Kahl and I am a senior at Allegheny-Clarion Valley. I have been attending A-C Valley for thirteen years (K-12). I try to show my creative side by participating the art program for six years and in the music program for eight years. I like to participate in clubs like the GIVE club, Art Club and extracurricular activities such as marching band and the musical (The Sound of Music). I have been treasurer of Art Club and GIVE Club for three years and have been very active in my community by volunteering at the Parker City Fire Department. This year I also am taking the stats for the Track and Field team. I plan to continue to work on my creative side after I graduate and enjoy all the creative styles that I will have a chance to try.

Emily Kaufman           Grade 10       Medium: Acrylic
My name is Emily Kaufman and I am a sophomore at A-C Valley High School. I have been very active in the music program while participating in many bands including concert, jazz and marching band. I have represented my school at many different festivals including Autumn Symphonic Winds, District Band and District Jazz band. I have been in Student Council since seventh grade, and now serve as the secretary.


Karly King                    Grade 8         Medium: Clay/pottery
My name is Karly King and I go to Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School. I’m 13, in 8th grade, and I’m involved in many school activities. My hobbies include volleyball, basketball, playing music, taking pictures, and painting pictures for my family. I like to form ceramics such as masks and to paint acrylic.   I have lived in Foxburg all my life and enjoy spending time with family. My favorite subjects in school are arts class and U.S. Cultures. I hope to stay in art class through my high school years and continue my passion for art.

Allie Lambert              Grade 9         Medium: Acrylic
I am Allie Lambert and I am a freshman at A-C Valley High School. I have attended A-C Valley since I was in kindergarten. My school activities include: cheerleading, cross-country, and track. Outside of school I participate in tumbling and helping out at the local skating rink. In my free time I enjoy running, riding, and being with people close to me. Acrylic and ink paintings are my favorite things to do involving art. Most of my ink paintings are made from complex, tight shapes that form a picture.

Kaity Lance                  Grade 11       Medium: Graphite
My name is Kaity Lance. I’m 17 years old, a junior in the A-C Valley High School and am also in track. I spend most of my time either reading or creating art. My favorite medium to use is graphite and I tend to usually stick to that. I’m currently expanding my horizons though and am learning how to paint better. Even though I love creating new pictures, art is more of a hobby of mine instead of a career choice. I plan on going to college and becoming a forensic scientist.


Brandon Link             Grade 10       Medium: Marker
Hi, my name is Brandon Link. I was born May 18, 2000. Son of Jim and Rebecca Link, I am a sophomore at Allegheny-Clarion Valley. I moved here last year from Fombell, PA and now live in Emlenton, PA. I like to play baseball and hang out with friends and family. In the future I plan to attend college to be a Certified Public Accountant. 

Wesley Lott                 Grade 12        Medium: Watercolor
My name is Wesley Lott. I am a senior at Allegheny Clarion Valley School District. I live in Emlenton, but it’s not the only place I’ve lived. I used to live in Boyers, but around the age of 10 or so moved here and have been here ever since. I have a great passion for art though I’ve never really been any good at doing such and wished I were better at it. After school I hope to start learning 3D designing on the computer and make a few test games.

Caroline Lowrey       Grade: 10       Medium: Tempera
My name is Caroline Lowrey. I was born on July 6, 1999 and live in Emlenton, PA. I am a sophomore at A-C Valley High School. I participate in the Drama Club, Student Council and take private music lessons. I am in the school choir, art class and participate in the school musical. My picture is a colorful display of music notes.


Joseph Manculich     Grade 11       Medium: Acrylic
My name is Joseph Manculich, and I’m currently a junior of A-C Valley. I’m the son of Matthew and Carla Manculich. I have lived in Parker, PA my entire life, and plan to for the rest of my life. I’m a varsity basketball player for the high school, and I play basketball for a traveling team too. I also enjoy fishing, hunting, and riding my dirt bike. After high school I plan to go to college, and get a bachelors degree in architecture.

Kat Martinelli              Grade 12      Media: Acrylic painting, scratch art, acrylic on slate, mobile
My name is Kat Martinelli and I’m a senior at A-C Valley. I will be attending Clarion University Venango Campus this fall to begin my journey to become a Registered Nurse. I will graduate with my ASN after only two short years of college. I then plan to work on the med-surge floor in the Clarion Hospital while continuing with my education to achieve my BSN after another two short years. I then plan on becoming a trauma nurse by working in the emergency room or on life flights. I enjoy kayaking, camping, fishing, mudding, fires, haunted houses, watching movies, playing volleyball, and painting. I mostly do acrylic paintings of the large cat species and different landscapes. I hope to continue with art in my spare time after I graduate.


Chelsea McDaniel      Grade 11       Medium: Marker
I am a Junior at A-C Valley High School. I have been in art for the past 3 years of my high school. I am part of the prom committee. I live in Emlenton, PA with my parents and my younger sister. I was born on July 31, 1998 in Grove City. I love doing art in my free time and when I am not doing art I am spending time with my family.

Aidan McKee               Grade 9        Medium: Linoleum print
My name is Aidan McKee. I am a freshman. I go to A-C Valley High School. A enjoy drawing animals like deer. Most of my projects are outdoor pictures. I enjoy drawing with pencils.

Jade McKerahan       Grade 9         Media: Acrylic, ceramic sculpture
My name is Jade McKerahan. I am 15 years old. I am a freshman at the moment. I was born on March 21, 2001. I live in Emlenton with my mother and my sister and I am the youngest in my family. I moved to A-C Valley during my 8th grade year. I came from Butler Junior High School. I am in yearbook club, chorus and Japanese club. I volunteer at the Butler Humane Society. I am working to go to college for my future to be a vet. I enjoy art and it is my fallback if I do not get into college.


Emily Mechling          Grade 12      Media: Acrylic, acrylic on slate
I am 18 years old, and I am a student at A-C Valley. I enjoy doing art, and I am very glad that I get the opportunity to do it at my school. I have done several projects using acrylic paint, ink, and watercolor. I like that I can challenge and express myself through my work. I hope to continue doing art throughout my life.

Chloe Milks                  Grade 9        Medium: Ink
I’m Chloe Milks. I am 15, and a freshman at Ac-Valley High School. I’m in art club and Japanese club. I’ve been drawing ever since I was young, but now I’m more experimental with my artwork. I sketch, draw, ink, and even paint. The type of art I enjoy is ink, water painting, and drawing. I enjoy art but also listening to music, reading, and even learning. Someday I hope I can either become an art teacher or a Graphic designer.


Noah Morgan             Grade 12       Medium: Marker
My name is Noah Morgan. I am a senior at Allegheny Clarion Valley High School. I am involved in golf and baseball. I like to use Sharpie for art projects because it looks very clean and ‘sharp’. I’m involved in FBLA and Give Club. I plan to go to Butler County Community College for Nursing.

Todd Morris               Grade 9         Medium: Tempera
My name is Todd Morris. I am in 9th grade and I do not do any after school activities. I was born October 13, 1999 at 10:36 am in the Clarion hospital. My hobbies include playing video games, like 2k, Madden and Call of Duty. Other hobbies are role playing and backyard wrestling.


Larry Morrison        Grade 9           Media: Charcoal, clay pot
Hello, my name is Larry Morrison. I am currently in 9th grade at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School. I like to play video games and hang out with friends. I enjoy drawing characters from video games, war, and hunting.

Madelyn Morrison  Grade 12         Medium: Acrylic
Hey there, my name is Madelyn Morrison. I am currently a senior attending Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School. I enjoy participating in many activities inside and outside of school. I participate in softball, I’m a part of outdoors club, falcon fellowship. I’m very active in my community. I hunt, fish, and attend church. I think art is one of the best subjects in school because it is relaxing and allows me to use my own creative thinking. My favorite medium in art is acrylic painting. My parents are Kelly & Larry/Ryan Morrison of Emlenton. I am the oldest of my two other siblings, Molly and Larry. I was born in Virginia but I grew up in Six Lakes, Michigan, and have moved around Pennsylvania a few times with the family.


Molly Morrison      Grade 10            Medium: Charcoal
I am a sixteen year old, tenth grade student that is currently attending Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School. Some of my hobbies include playing video games, writing, and reading. I grew up in Six Lakes, Michigan, then moved around in Pennsylvania a couple of times until the Morrison family finally settled at Emlenton, Pennsylvania. In art, I mainly love to draw and focus on charcoal drawings. I extremely love to do U.S. Military drawings.

Ethan Nevel              Grade 11            Medium: Acrylic
Hi, my name is Ethan Nevel. I was born January 15 1999. I have been drawing pictures for 4 years now. I live in Emlenton, PA and have lived there all my life. I am in 11th grade and I golf and bowl.


Treva Page                 Grade 10           Medium: Charcoal
My name is Treva Page and I’m a sophomore at A-C Valley. I am the daughter of Raymond “Buzz” Page and Belinda “Binny” Irwin. I was born on April 12, 2000 and have lived in Emlenton my whole life. I enjoy taking my German shepherd on walks, playing sports, and anything that is out door related. This is my first year of art class. I am currently working on the United States Marine Corps emblem. The medium I am doing is ink. I am doing it in memory of my dad, who was a Mortar-man and earned the rank Corporal in Vietnam.

Brendon Price          Grade 10          Medium: Charcoal
My name is Brendon. I’m a fifteen year-old Sophomore at AC-Valley High School. I enjoy playing basketball, hunting, fishing, and hanging out with friends. After high school I plan on joining the military. My picture is of a Star War’s character known as Kylo Ren.


Shannon Quaill        Grade 12          Medium: Acrylic
My name is Shannon Quaill. I am a senior at A-C Valley High School where I run cross-country and track. I am also President of Student Council, Vice President of the National Honor Society at our school, and Treasurer of Family and Consumer Science Club. Outside of school I participate in a 4-H robotics club. I like to read and spend time with my friends. I also enjoy painting and I’m glad that I have been given the opportunity to take art. After graduation, I plan to attend Penn State Behrend for engineering.

Evan Redding            Grade 12         Medium: Tempera
Hello, I am Evan Redding. I am currently a Senior at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School and have attended A-C Valley my entire life. I have been in art for two years and in Art club for a year. I am also an athlete here. I play football, baseball and I wrestle. I like to spend my free time with my friends and family. I am attending Westminster College for criminal justice and I am going to play football there as well.

Nathan Redding       Grade 10         Medium: Graphite
My name is Nathan Keith Redding and I’m a Sophomore at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School. I’m 16 years old and I play Football. Most of my projects are done in graphite. I’m also quite good at League of Legends. I’m also a member of Cloud9 pro gaming team.


Kiersten Rothen      Grade 12          Medium: Tempera
My name is Kiersten Rothen, I attend A-C Valley High School, and I am a senior. I am active in many sports such as volleyball, and softball. I am the Vice-President of Student Council, a member of National Honor Society, and member of FACS club. In the future I plan to go to Butler County Community College and become a Registered Nurse. I hope to work in the Obstetric department.

Jayden Rottman       Grade 9          Medium: Watercolor
Hello my name is Jayden Rottman, I am a freshman at A-C Valley and I enjoy hanging out with friends, fishing, and riding my dirt bike, and golfing. I participate in SADD Club, FBLA, and Art Club. I enjoy painting and using pastels while in art. They are a fun time. I plan on taking art the rest of my High School career with the wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Allen.

Jenn Russell               Grade 12       Medium: Pastel
I am currently a senior at A-C Valley high school. I am Vice President of the SADD Club, Co-founder of Strategy Club, a member of Clarion County Youth Council, and a member of Do Something Good Club. After high school I plan on attending Clarion University to obtain a bachelor of biology in order to fulfill pre-veterinary requirements. I spend my free time reading, playing videogames, playing Magic the Gathering, and being outside.


Cassie Schwalm        Grade 10       Medium: Acrylic on Slate
My name is Cassie Schwalm. I am sixteen, and in the tenth grade. I attend A-C Valley High School. I participate in volleyball, and softball. Outside of school I am involved in a Junior Olympic volleyball team. I am in various clubs including The Future Business Leaders of America. This is my first year of art class. My featured piece is an acrylic, I chose the picture because I believe it is quite beautiful. I plan to continue my art career, and future my skills in the art world.

Brooke Scott              Grade 12       Medium: Charcoal
My name is Brooke Scott and I am a Senior in high school. Creating art is one of my passions. I drew a lot of things when I was little – even up till now. This is my 4th year of Art class. I am hopefully moving on to a job with a creative side to it. I love Baking, Drawing, Swimming, Traveling and Hunting.


Lydia Seaton              Grade 8        Medium: Water Color Pencil
Hi, my name is Lydia Seaton. I am 14 years old, and an 8th grade student at A-C Valley High School. I enjoy swimming and other sports, spending time with family, and listening to music. My watercolor painting is based on a Pink Floyd band poster from the late sixties. Along with this project, I have done a few others throughout this year.

Allison Sherman      Grade 10      Medium: Scratchboard
I am currently a sophomore at A-C Valley and a resident of Foxburg. I am a member of the golf, basketball and track teams. I’m also the treasurer of Student Council and president of the sophomore class. In addition to my art class during school, I am also actively involved in many of A-C Valley’s other arts programs. This year, I have attended the 2016 PMEA District 3 choir festival where I qualified to move on to regionals and I am playing the role of Liesl in ACV’s production of The Sound of Music. Outside of school, I take private voice and piano lessons. My project depicts blimps and was done on a scratchboard.


Eric Show                  Grade 9          Medium: Linoleum print
My name is Eric Show. The picture I made is of a character in a TV show called Doctor Who. I chose this character because he is my favorite character and he has a big part in the show. I did a linoleum cut out because I have never done one before and I wanted to try it.

Lexi Shirey                Grade 9         Medium: Linoleum print
My name is Lexi Shirey and I’m a freshman at A-C Valley High School. I live in Parker. I am now playing softball and plan to play throughout High School. I plan on going to college after High School.

Lexie Slater              Grade 10        Medium: Watercolor
I am currently a sophomore at A-C Valley High School. I participate in many activities inside and outside of school. I am involved in Student Council, Home Economics Club, 4-H Teen Council, and am the treasurer of the sophomore class. I also participate in cheerleading, softball, and track. Some of my other activities include theatre, gymnastics, choir, and private voice lessons. I am playing the role of Sister Margaretta in our school musical this year, The Sound of Music. In my free time I enjoy reading and hanging out with my family and friends. In the show I have a watercolor painting of a rainy day in Venice. Currently I am working on a watercolor pencil of hot air balloons over the beautiful city of Paris.


Sylvia Stalker         Grade 9           Medium: Ink
My name is Sylvia Stalker. I am in 9th grade, and attend A-C Valley High School, I’m a cross country runner. I enjoy making artwork, in school and on my free time. I also enjoy spending my free time outside and with my family. I am a member of Upward Bound, and The Do Something Good Club here at A-C Valley. After I graduate I’m planning on joining the Air Force to become a flight nurse, and to travel the world making a difference.

Katie Stalker          Grade 11         Medium: Ink
My name is Katie Stalker, I am a junior and I attend A-C Valley. This is my first year in art, and I have done several projects I have never done before. I am in Art Club and Drama Club. I went to County Choir, where I sang with a large group of people I’ve never met. I played volleyball for two years and cheered. I currently am in softball, and I play right field.


Madison Stump     Grade 11         Media: Scratch art, watercolor
My name is Madison Stump, I am currently 17 years old attending as a Junior at A-C Valley. I enjoy various band functions and have succeeded in several competitions while being involved in multiple clubs and sports like Prom Committee, Teen Council, Marching Band, Basketball, and Track. Art has surrounded the past three years of my life involving several styles of paintings. This painting is a watercolor version of potted flowers that I have created for my mother.

Hannah Switzer     Grade 12         Medium: Watercolor
My name is Hannah Switzer, and I’m 18 years old. I am currently a senior at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School. I enjoy many forms of art such as literature, modern, and music and I plan to attend Clarion University in the fall for art with a concentration in graphic design. I hope other people can learn to appreciate the arts and see that it can serve many purposes for people who need a little hope in their lives.


Kelsie Terwilliger   Grade 9          Medium: Wheel thrown bowl
I am 15. I am a freshman attending high school at Allegheny Clarion Valley. I’m in FBLA club. I’m in many after school activities such as Gymnastics at Solid Rock, softball for the high school and travel ball in Clarion, and cheerleading for the high school which we won D9 and we were 7th in the state, at states at Milton Hershey. I enjoy working on my art and also being in class with Mrs. Allen. She has taught me a lot throughout my two years of art. I am also in Art Club. I didn’t enjoy art very much until I was in Mrs. Allen’s class. I am so glad I’ve had this experience as a student to work with such an amazing person as Mrs. Allen.

Ellie Thompson       Grade 10         Medium: Acrylic
My name is Ellie Thompson and I am a sophomore at A-C Valley. I’m involved in golf, basketball, track, and FBLA. I am also a volunteer coach for ACV Elementary Basketball. I have been in art class for two years. The painting I did was an acrylic picture of a giraffe.


Matt Thompson       Grade 10         Medium: Linoleum printing
Hello my name is Matt Thompson. I am in 10th grade and I was born August 22, 1999. I live in Foxburg, PA and I am currently attending AC-Valley. I love to play baseball and soccer. I am kind of an art person. It can be fun at times. I like to do linoleum block printing. It is fun.

Brendan Ulrich        Grade 10         Medium: Watercolor
My name is Brendan Ulrich and I live in Parker, PA. I am 15 years old and I am in 10th grade this year. Most of the projects I do are of Dragons and I usually stick to oil pastel or watercolor since the way it flows makes the project feel better.   My project is of a Dragon flying in storm clouds with the sun shining in the background. I enjoy games and am enthralled by all things fantasy including Dragons, Gryphons, Unicorns, and Chimeras, due to the fact they expand one’s imagination of what they see in the world.


Colton Ulrich             Grade 11          Medium: Acrylic
My name is Colton Ulrich. I’m 16 years old and I’m in 11th grade. I do many things out of school. I have a job at Whyte’s Market as a stock boy and I’m a volunteer firefighter. My favorite art style is oil pastel, but my only piece is acrylic. I started to be interested in art as a young child. I joke a lot and I’m fun.

Annie Viertel             Grade 10         Media: Scratch Art, clay sculpture
My name is Annie Viertel. I am currently a sophomore attending A-C Valley high school in Foxburg PA. I am 16 years old. I live in a nearby neighborhood. I am currently in the club at our school called FBLA, which stands for Future Business Leaders of America. The sports I liked to play are basketball, softball, and cross-country. I also help volunteer and help coach the little girl’s basketball program. The picture I picked to display was a bird I made out of scratch art. The project was fun to do because I haven’t tried scratch art before. It was exciting to try to make the birds feathers look realistic. I hope to continue my art classes in the future.

Levi Walker               Grade 9           Medium: Charcoal
My name is Levi Walker, and I have just moved to A-C Valley. I am a freshmen, 14 years old. I came from Slippery Rock High School. When I was smaller, I played baseball, and I’m hoping to do so again. Also I’ve done track all throughout middle school, doing throwing and long distance. I love singing. I have been in district choir, chamber singers and regular choir. I have drawn a portrait of a border collie in charcoal, only because I have one myself.


Ashley Wampler      Grade 12        Medium: Tempera
Hi, my name is Ashley Wampler. I am a senior this year graduating from Allegheny-Clarion Valley. I am 18 years old. I moved to the district when I was in the middle of my 11th grade year. I am in Spanish club and Art Club. This has been an exciting year for me. I want to become a paramedic, but my future is going to be changing a lot as I’m going to be bringing a son into the world in May. I love to do watercolor painting. Lately I have been doing tempera painting. I have never done an acrylic painting, except a slate painting with artists Paul McKissick and Andor Jobb.

Marissa Wampler    Grade 11         Medium: India Ink
My name is Marissa Wampler. I am a junior at ACV. I am 17 years old and I have 9 other brothers and sisters. I am going to be an aunt and I will have a nephew. I get about all A’s and B’s in school. I was originally from Butler until I moved during my 10th grade year. I love doing art. The picture I am putting in the art show is made from India ink. The picture is of two deer combined into a heart. It represents the two deer in love with each other.


Emily Wetzel               Grade 8          Medium: Ceramic
My name is Emily Wetzel and I am currently an 8th grade student at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School. I participate in volleyball, softball, band and basketball. I enjoy creating ceramic pots and masks because no one knows what they will end up with. I am also fond of charcoals and oil pastels. I hope to continue these methods throughout my high school career.

Halee Wetzel             Grade 12           Media: Watercolor , acrylic and acrylic on slate
I am a senior at A-C Valley High School. I have played softball and volleyball the past four years. I am a part of the G.I.V.E. Club, Vice President of Home Economics Club, Secretary of the Spanish Club, and President of the National Honors Society at our school. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and going to youth on Wednesday nights at Park Hill First Church of God. After graduation, I plan on attending Grove City College with an undecided major.

Dakota Williamson  Grade 10           Medium: Graphite
My name is Dakota Williamson. I go to A-C Valley High School. I am in tenth grade. I enjoy drawing and graphite art. I like to do drawing and concept art from games such as League of Legends. I also really enjoy video games and drawing characters and concept characters from these types of games.