A-C Valley Student Art Exhibit 2017

Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts is proud to be partnering with the Allegheny-Clarion Valley Schools for a third year, presenting an exhibit of more than 100 artworks by Allegheny-Clarion Valley Jr. and Sr. High School students from April 8 to 16, 2017, on the second floor of the Red Brick Gallery on Main Street in Foxburg.  

This exhibit is part of ARCA’s Educational ArtReach program, bringing celebrated artists and seasoned teaching artists to conduct residencies in the A-C Valley Schools and showcasing the artwork of Jr. and Sr. High School students in exhibits at the Red Brick Gallery.

In their educational process, more than one hundred students in A-C Valley High School art teacher, Anita Allen’s classes have employed the long-standing practice, dating back to the masters of western art, of doing copies of works of art as a study in composition and craftsmanship. They have created artwork that is delightfully diverse and excellent in its reproduction of a wide spectrum of images in various media: Acrylic, watercolor, pastels, tempera, scratchboard, acrylic on slate, charcoal, marker, India ink – plus three-dimensional art including ceramics, pottery and sculptures.

“Students have been working on their art for this exhibit throughout the year,” said Anita Allen. “It’s amazing to witness their creative process in the various media in which they have worked.  I am grateful that ARCA is exhibiting their art in the Red Brick Gallery again this Spring.  It’s important for the students to see their artwork displayed publicly.  Our community, without a doubt, will get a true idea of the artistic skills our kids have when they see the quality and creativity of this exhibit.”

This is the third exhibit of A-C Valley student art at the Gallery.  Red Brick Artistic Director, Donna Edmonds said, “As many will recall, the Gallery opened its 2015 season for the first time with an A-C Valley Student exhibit. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was phenomenal. The work was vibrant and explosive! And many people in the community were introduced to the Red Brick Gallery by the lure of viewing the art of a student known to them. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to drop by to support the students. It’s a great experience that leaves everyone with a sense of awe for the freshness and talent of these young artists.”

Superintendent of the A-C Valley School District, David McDeavitt said, “It makes me very happy to have a local organization such as ARCA helping to support our educational system.  Opportunities like the Red Brick Gallery provide our students with learning opportunities that extend past the classroom and into the community.  One of our goals at A-C Valley is to develop our students into productive members of society and this program does just that!”

The exhibit will run two weekends, from Saturday, April 8 through Sunday, April 16, with gallery hours on Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. A Meet the Student Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, April 8 from 12:000 to 5:00 PM. 

The ARCA Board of Directors is grateful to Red Brick Gallery Artistic Director, Donna Edmonds, for her generosity and expertise in hanging this exhibit of A-C Valley student art this spring.

ARCA thanks the A-C Valley School Board, Superintendent David McDeavitt, Principal Bill Jordan, Staff and Faculty including Anita Allen and R.J. Feicht for their partnership.



Allegheny-Clarion Valley Art Students of Anita Allen
Featured in the Red Brick Gallery Exhibit 2017

Alyssa Ace                                                                  Medium: Pottery                                                    8th Grade
Hello my name is Alyssa Ace. I am 14 years old and go to A-C Valley High School. I live in Parker, PA. I enjoy doing pottery and charcoal drawings. I am in softball, volleyball, basketball, track, cross-country, cheerleading, and gymnastics. I am a runner for Cross Country and I am holding the record for JH. My hobbies are Running, Fishing, Hunting, and Football. For my future job I want to be a MMA fighter or a Professional Woman’s Boxer.

Lauren Alworth                                                     Media: Ceramic/Acrylic                                    11th Grade
My name is Lauren Alworth and I am a junior at Allegheny Clarion Valley. I am very active in the music, art, and cheerleading programs. In past years, we have won our D9 competition, the Co-ed division, gone to states, and advanced to semifinals last year. I participate in marching, jazz and concert band, and I play the alto, tenor, baritone saxophone. I am also in chorus and participate in our musicals. Even though I’ve never had an important part, I have been in Pippin, The Sound of Music, and Schoolhouse Rock and really loved it. I am also part of the student council and the vice president of my class.

Brad Armagost                                                       Medium: Ink                                                            12th Grade
My name is Brad Armagost. I did an Ink picture and it looks pretty sweet too, but in all honesty it was hard and looks amazing.

Makenna Armagost                                              Medium: Pottery                                                    8th Grade
My name is Makenna Armagost and I am 14 years old and in 8th grade at A-C Valley. I participate in the A-C Valley Drama Club and Do Something Good Club. I am a Jr. High School cheerleader and also play volleyball and softball. I enjoy singing in the choir and playing the clarinet in concert band. I really enjoy trying out new things.

Zach Austin                                                               Medium: Pencil                                                      11th Grade
My name is Zach Austin and I was born on August 13, 1999. I live in St. Petersburg, PA with my mom, dad, and my dog. I am currently a junior at AC Valley High School. I participate in student council, track, and golf. I am in the middle of my third year of taking an art class. The picture I am entering in the art show is my old style gas station drawing. The drawing represents the history of the time period included in the picture.

Riley Bauer                                                                Medium: Pottery                                                    8th Grade
Hey dude, my name is Riley. I go to AC-Valley and I participate in only the most prestigious clubs and activities….like band, jazz band, by the way ”ya like jazzzz?” I also go to strategy club and play nerd card games! Baseball, and BMX are the two most amazing things to do in the world, that’s why I do them. But when I can’t do that I SLEEP. THE END

Amanda Booher                                                     Medium: Acrylic                                                     12th Grade
My name is Amanda Booher. I am a senior at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School, and the Clarion County Career Center Allied Health. I have been very active throughout my high school years doing various volunteering, and fundraising activities. I am the member of National Technical Honor Society, SADD, and HOSA. I’ve attended several Nursing Assistant competitions through the State and Internationals. My mom has been my biggest supporter through everything and this painting of a Golden Retriever is for her.

Bridget Brison                                                        Medium: Ink                                                            9th Grade
My name is Bridget Brison and I’m a freshman at Allegheny Clarion Valley High School. I live in the outskirts of Emlenton. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and being active. I have been in cross-country since seventh grade. I’ve also been an active member of A-C Valley Business Leaders of Tomorrow Club since seventh grade. I enjoy art very much. I often paint at my house in my free time. The project I did is of a cat in ink. I overcame some obstacles doing it but overall it was a fun challenge.

Destiny Chamoun                                                  Medium: Acrylic                                                    11th Grade
My name is Destiny Chamoun and I’m a junior at A-C Valley. I’m originally from Tampa, FL and moved to Parker, PA about four years ago. My favorite medium is definitely acrylic. This is my second year taking art and I enjoy it immensely.

Carter Chase                                                              Media: Markers /Linoleum                            10th Grade
Hello, my name is Carter Chase. I live in Foxburg , Pennsylvania with my parents. I am a sophomore at Allegheny-Clarion Valley. In my near future I want to attend Alabama University to become certified in sports medicine.

Colt Christo                                                              Medium: Pottery                                                   12th Grade
My name is Colt Christo, I am currently a senior at A-C Valley and have been in art class for 5 years. I participate in marching band, concert band, jazz band, and football at our school. The medium of the projects I have in this show are ceramics, either thrown from the pottery wheel, or hand sculpted. Being able to make these has been fun and I am glad to be able to present them in the art show.

Leroy Cratty

Leroy Cratty                                                             Media: Watercolor/Charcoal/Acrylic    12th Grade
My name is Leroy Cratty and I’m a senior at AC-Valley. I like to do things with my hands like paint, draw and make jewelry. I plan on attending Clarion University and receive a Bachelor’s degree in Art.

Rachel Cullen                                                           Medium: Ceramic                                                  8th Grade
My name is Rachel Cullen and I am an eighth grader at A-C Valley. In my free time I like to watch Netflix, play basketball, and go biking. The ceramic mask I completed was of a rabbit using pink and white colors.

Chloe Dittman                                                         Medium: Watercolor                                          9th Grade
My name is Chloe Dittman and I am a 14 year-old freshman at A-C Valley High school. I am involved in track, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, and gymnastics. I chose this picture because of the bright pink colored flowers and the vibrant background with blues and purples. It really struck my personality and seemed like a fun painting.

Madelyn Dittman                                                   Medium: Watercolor                                          10th Grade
My name is Madelyn Dittman and I am a sophomore at A-C Valley. I participate in Basketball, Cheerleading, and Track. I have participated in those sports since I started my high school career. In track I run the 3200 relay and I throw javelin. Last year I almost made districts for javelin and I lettered in both track and cheerleading. I have been a member of the Student Council since seventh grade and plan to continue this club until I graduate. I take an honors English class and maintain honor roll throughout the school year. I have never had a grade lower than a B on a progress report or report card. My painting is a bunch of flowers, done in watercolor.

Sylvia Downes                                                          Medium: Acrylic                                                    9th Grade
I’m a 9th grader at A-C Valley. I love art class, and currently, acrylic paintings are my favorite type of art project to do.

Michael Dunkel                                                       Medium: Water-Color                                        11th Grade
My name is Michael Dunkel. I am a junior at A-C Valley High School and this is a watercolor I made of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and a few chocobos, a large bird from the series, which is usually ridden. I am in Strategy Club, Drama Club, and Art Club at my school.

Austin Eaton                                                             Medium: Ceramics                                                8th Grade
Hello, my name is Austin Eaton and I go to AC-Valley High School. The ceramic mask I made in Art class is a Joker mask. I’m in junior high chorus. Some of the interests I have outside of school are reading books about the Mafia and movies and other crime dramas.

Kylee Eaton                                                              Medium: Acrylic                                                    10th Grade
My name is Kylee Eaton. I am a sophomore at A-C Valley High School. I am a student athlete and I participate in volleyball, basketball, and softball and have achieved varsity letters in each of these sports. I am a member of the Business Leaders of Tomorrow club. Out of school I enjoy kayaking and being outside. I prefer to do acrylic paintings and marker paintings..

Brock Fair                                                                 Medium: Marker/Linoleum                            10th Grade
My name is Brock Fair. I am a sophomore at A-C Valley high school. I live in Parker, PA. I am 17 years old. I had been drawn this project because I have a lot of Indian in my family. I mainly use graphite pencils and shading but I have decided to use marker to extend my knowledge on other mediums.

Cody Fair                                                                  Medium: Pottery                                                  8th Grade
Hi my name is Cody Fair my favorite color is orange. I live in Parker, Pa. I was born on November 30. I go to A-C Valley High School. I work on the farm with my dad.

Jerry Fair                                                                   Medium: Pottery                                                   8th Grade
My name is Jerry Fair and I have lived in Parker since I was born. My favorite sport is football. I was born on April 11, 2003. I like to play airsoft. My favorite car is a GTR R35.

Kari Franklin                                                          Medium: Pencil                                                      12th Grade
My name is Kari Franklin. I am an 18-year old senior at A-C Valley school district. I chose to draw Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton an actor/character from my favorite book series. I decided to draw him in pencil because that’s the medium I feel most comfortable with and to interpret the different shades of gray in his personality.

Emma Fox                                                                  Medium: Acrylic Paint                                        11th Grade
My name is Emma Fox and I am a junior at A-C Valley High School. I have been a part of the cheerleading squad, basketball team, track team, and golf team for the past four years. I am the secretary of Student Council and I am also part of Prom Committee. I plan on attending college and grad school to become a dermatologist.

Emma Fox
Jeffrey Ginn

Jeffrey Ginn                                                                Medium: Linoleum                                               11th Grade
Hello my Name is Jeffrey Ginn. I am a junior at A-C Valley High School. I participate in football, basketball, and baseball. My favorite media are markers and linoleums. I occasionally do charcoal portraits.

Kaitlyn Ginnery                                                       Medium: Watercolor                                         9th Grade
My name is Kaitlyn Ginnery. I am a freshman at Alleghany- Clarion Valley High School. I love to play volleyball and have played since Jr. High. I am a member of AC-Valley’s Future Business Leaders of Tomorrow. I decided to put my watercolor lion into the art show because I think it is one of the best things I have done so far.

Kaden Green                                                             Medium: Pottery                                                   8th Grade
My name is Kaden Green. I go to ACV High School. I love Video games, Swimming, and Magic. When I was in 1st Grade, I moved from Emlenton to Karns City. I went to SugarCreek Elementary school for the 2nd to 7th. I moved to Parker where I live currently. I now go to A-C Valley once again and I see some new and old faces. I’m enjoying it here kind of but besides that I am enjoying High School.

Elizabeth Hankey                                                   Medium: Watercolor                                          12th Grade
My name is Elizabeth Hankey but most people call me Liz. I am a Senior at A-C Valley. A few of my hobbies include painting and rollerskating. I chose this specific picture because I really enjoy looking at the night sky. It helps me think out my problems and it is very relaxing.

John Hetrick                                                            Media: Ceramics/Acrylic                                 11th Grade
I’m a Junior at A-C Valley where I am very involved in the arts. I participate in band, choir, and art class. I’m also involved in marching band, jazz band, musicals in and out of school, and will be participating in the PMEA All State Choir festival In April. While I will try any art form at least once, my favorite medium is ceramics because you truly are free to do whatever you like. At this point in time, I have begun toying with various forms of marbling, by mixing different colors of clay into a swirl pattern.

Madyson Hetzler                                                    Medium: Charcoal                                                 10th Grade
My name is Madyson Hetzler, I am the youngest in my family and I am a student currently attending A-C Valley High School. I am in 10th grade and I enjoy doing many activities for school and out of school. Some of my interests include cheerleading, golf, gymnastics, and the school musical. I also love to fish, hunt, and spend time with my friends and family. I am also in A-C Valley’s Do Something Good Club. All these activities and people encourage me to do my best in school, and give me a look of great success for my future.

Amber Holton                                                         Medium: Watercolor                                          10th Grade
My name is Amber Holton. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at A-C Valley. I am in Art Club, Spanish club, SADD, Youth Counsel, and Do Something Good Club where I am treasurer. This is my first year of art class. The painting I did was a deer with little designs inside of it in watercolor.

Adam Hook                                                               Medium: Pottery                                                  8th Grade
My name is Adam Hook and I’m in 8th grade at A-C-Valley.   I’m creative and willing to try anything. When not in high school I love to be outside, as well as reading.

Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes                                                           Medium: Watercolor and ink                        11th Grade
Hi ya, my name is Sarah Hughes. I am currently a junior at AC Valley Jr./Sr. High School and am Vice President of the Japanese club and President of the Art Club. My hobbies include drawing, writing fanfictions, playing video games, playing violin, and playing in the Marching Band.

Amanda Hunt                                                          Medium: Watercolor                                          10th Grade
My name is Amanda Hunt.   I am 16 years old and a sophomore at A-C Valley. I played volleyball, basketball, and I currently play softball. I love doing watercolor paintings. Art class calms my nerves when I work on my projects. I participate in Art club and GIVE club to give back to my community. I have one sibling, a sister.

Kenzy Kellogg                                                          Medium: Pottery                                                    8th Grade
My name is Kenzy Kellogg, and I am 13 in 8th grade at A-C Valley High School. I participate in Cheerleading, volleyball, and the school musicals. In my free time I enjoy photography, and kayaking. My favorite thing to do in art class is watercolor.

Rachelle Kelly                                                          Medium: Pottery                                                    8th Grade
My name is Rachelle Kelly, and I’m currently an 8th grade, attending Allegheny-Clarion Valley. I live in Parker, Pennsylvania with both of my parents. My parents’ names are, Brian and Melinda Kelly. I have two brothers and one sister.

Karly King                                                                 Medium: Acrylic                                                     9th Grade
Hi, my name is Karly King and I’m a freshman this year at A-C Valley High School. For this art project I painted with acrylic on a stretched canvas. Besides art I participate in Marching Band, Concert band, Jazz Band, and the school musicals! I was honored to go to District Jazz this year for the first time! I love to paint with acrylic and I also like to sculpt different things with clay.

Maiah Kriebel                                                           Medium: Pottery                                                   8th Grade
I’m Maiah Kriebel, I’m from St. Petersburg, PA. I enjoy creating many forms of art. One of my favorites is drawing and would some day like to interpret that into my career. I also needle felt, paint, and work with clay. I’ve been to 46 of our 50 states. I live on a small farm with chickens, ducks, cats, and soon sheep.

Ali Lambert                                                              Medium: Acrylic                                                     10th Grade
My name is Allie Lambert. I am a sophomore at AC Valley High School, and I have been attending this school since kindergarten. In school, I am the president of GIVE Club, and I have been running track and cross-country since the seventh grade. This painting was inspired when my father, Andrew Lambert, was younger. In this painting, a little boy walks along a gravel path in a rural area. Key parts of the painting include: the overalls, the red barn, and landscaping. This project took me around 4 months to paint. Overall, I enjoy the way that this project came out, but if I had to do it again, there are multiple things that I would change to do it better.

Kaity Lance                                                                Medium: Graphite                                                 12th Grade
My name is Kaity Lance. I’m 18 years old and a senior in the A-C Valley High School. I spend most of my time either reading or creating art. I also love spending time and joking around with my friends. Graphite is my favorite medium to use because I love blending the different shades together to make a picture come to life. I’ve recently started doing realistic pictures and hope to make them as realistic as I possibly can in the future.

Allyssa Leith                                                            Medium: Ceramics                                              8th Grade
Hi my name is Allyssa. I am 14 and I go to A-C Valley. I am in Jr. High choir and also I’m in Drama and Spanish club. I love to run and am very athletic, but I still love to be creative and draw and paint. My mask is a half mask and is supposed to be like a flower masquerade type mask . Thank you, Have a good day. 🙂

Allison Lewis                                                          Medium: Tempera                                                 9th Grade
My name is Allison Lewis and from Emlenton PA. I am a freshman that attends Allegheny Clarion Valley High School. I am 15 years old, and some of my hobbies are cheerleading, volleyball, track, and basketball. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new people from new schools. I painted dolphins because they remind me of summer, which is my favorite season.

Brandon Link                                                          Medium: Sharpie                                                    11th Grade
My name is Brandon Link. I am a 16 year old, junior at Allegheny-Clarion Valley. My parents are Jim and Rebecca Link. I play baseball. I also like drawing in my free time. When I’m older I plan to attend college to become an accountant.

Joseph Manculich                                                  Medium: Acrylic                                                     12th Grade
My name is Joseph Manculich. I am a senior from Allegheny-Clarion Valley high school. I participate in basketball. I have been in art class since eighth grade, and really enjoy my time spent in this class. I enjoy doing marker, watercolor, and acrylic. In my free time I enjoy to ride dirt bikes, hunt, and go fishing. After graduation, I plan to attend Pennsylvania School of Technology, and major in Construction Management.

Sierra Martinez                                                       Medium: Watercolor                                          9th Grade
My name is Sierra Martinez. I am 15, go to A-C Valley High School and am currently in 9th grade. I enjoy playing basketball and hanging out with my friends. My favorite season is summer because there is more to do outside. My plan is to graduate High School and get my diploma.

Trisha McCalmont                                                Medium: Acrylic                                                     10th Grade
My name is Trisha McCalmont. I’m 17 years old. I go to A-C Valley; I love to be creative and express myself through painting, sketching, drawing, and writing poems. I go for long walks looking at everything and anything; even on the cross country and track team. I have walls in my bedroom that are a chalkboard paint so I can draw and write how I feel, making my room more unique. My favorite scenes are the night sky, nature, and emotions. All of these are great when blended together and it shows and expresses me more. This painting is a Rose with many different reds and pinks with an abstract background, giving it more character, and with the rose as the centerpiece, giving it more volume and expression.

Chelsea McDaniel                                                  Medium: Acrylic                                                     12th Grade
My name is Chelsea McDaniel. I am senior at A-C Valley High School. I enjoy art and most of my art projects are this that I love to do. I enjoy doing ink and acrylic paint.

Ethan McFadden                                                   Medium: Pottery                                                  8th Grade
My name is Ethan McFadden I go to school at A-C Valley School in Pennsylvania. My interests are football, hunting, and fishing. I live in West Freedom with my 5 brothers, mother and father.

Tanner Merwin                                                      Medium: Pottery                                                  8th Grade
My name is Tanner Merwin. I am an eighth grader at A-C Valley. I was born on April 19th 2003. I love playing sports and hanging out with friends. I play basketball, football, and baseball. I have a sister named Kaylie and she is pretty cool, but not as cool as me. I have two dogs and Marley and Libby that are pretty fun to play with. One of my favorite subjects in school is history.

Chloe Milks                                                                Medium: Watercolor                                         9th Grade
I’m Chloe Milks. I am 16, and a freshman at A-C Valley High School. I’m in art club and, Japanese club. I’ve been drawing ever since I was young, but now that I’m more experimental with my artwork. I sketch, draw, ink, and even paint. The type of art I enjoy is ink, water painting, and drawing. I enjoy art but also listening to music, reading, and even learning. Someday I hope I can either become a psychologist or an art teacher.

Todd Morris                                                             Medium: Charcoal/Pastel                               11th Grade
My name is Todd Morris. I’m seventeen years old, in eleventh grade. I plan on playing basketball next year. Outside of school, I graphic design and rap . The drawing is Derrick Rose is a blend between charcoal and pastel. The drawing is of a basketball player, the point guard for the New York Knicks.

Larry Morrison                                                  Medium : Charcoal                                                  10th Grade
My name is Larry Morrison. I am 16 and I am in 10th grade at A-C Valley. I was born on August 8, 2000 and I grew up in Six Lakes, Michigan with my 2 sisters (Molly and Maddy). My parents are Kelly and Larry Ryan Morrison.

Molly Morrison                                                   Medium: Acrylic                                                     11th Grade
Greetings! My name is Molly Morrison, currently ajJunior at AC-Valley High School. I’m seventeen, and moved about six times. I was born in Michigan, but later moved to Pennsylvania. I’m the second daughter and middle child of my parents, Kelly and Larry Morrison. I have an older sister, Madelyn Morrison, and a younger brother, Larry Morrison Jr. After high school, I plan on having a military career in the U.S. Army. I enjoy a variety of things to do, such as writing, gaming, and reading. I am a huge bookworm, and usually focus on U.S. military autobiographies ranging from modern warfare to past wars. I’m definitely a bibliophile and pluviophile, and I enjoy hunting and practicing shooting. At school, I absolutely enjoy creating art in Mrs. Allen’s art class! She is a fantastic teacher, and I have learned a lot from her. I enjoy creating acrylic art paintings on canvas, and I love to create U.S. military art! I have a passion for our military and want to express that passion through art. Art class gives me a time to relax and have fun during school. My most two favorite subjects in school would be history class and art class. I’m not the best artist, but it’s like what Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Ross W. Moser                                                        Medium: Linoleum Block Printing             11th Grade
Hello my name is Ross Moser, and I’m a junior at AC-Valley. The activities that I’m involved in are Golf and Baseball. My favorite mediums are charcoal, acrylic, and linoleum.

Ethan Nevel                                                               Medium: Scratchboard Art                            12th Grade
My name is Ethan and I am in twelfth grade. I like to golf and bowl in my free time. The picture I chose to put in your show was my scratchboard art of my tiger.  I am 18 years old and this is my second scratch art I have ever done. They are very fun and interesting to do. I hope you enjoy this picture and it makes your show better.


Megan Novak

Megan Novak                                                            Medium: Watercolor                                         12th Grade
Born September 27, 1998, Megan is the youngest of four children. She is a member of NHS, Give club, and President of Japanese Club. Her favorite subject is English and likes to spend time with her friends. Herx favorite art mediums are pastels and pencil, but she is open to new mediums.

JayLynn Nugent                                                       Medium: Ceramics                                                8th Grade
My name is JayLynn Nugent. I am an 8th grader at Allegheny Clarion Valley and 14 years old. I am a member of Give club and Drama club. I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and spending time with my family.

Rachael O’Neil                                                          Medium: Oil Pastel                                               12th Grade
My name is Rachael O’Neil and I am a senior at A-C Valley High School. I live in Emlenton with my parents, Kevin and Jamie O’Neil. I’m the Vice President of my class. I am currently in my fifth year of art. Aside from art, I enjoy reading, playing board games with friends, and being outside. My artwork is an oil pastel of a very colorful frog. It was a lot of fun to complete.

Levi Orton                                                                  Medium: Ceramics                                                8th Grade
Hello my name is Levi Orton and I attend A-C Valley High School. I am currently in eighth grade and this is my first year taking art with Mrs. Allen. I participate in basketball and baseball. My Ceramic is a mask formed into a fox face. We put them in the kiln to fire them and I painted it with high fire glaze.

Myia Page                                                                    Medium: Acrylic                                                    9th Grade
My name is Myia Page and I go to A-C Valley. I participate in Volleyball, Softball, and Art club. I have made many acrylic paintings ranging in sizes along with a mural along the walls of the Community Christian Day Care. So far this year I have made five pieces including this peacock painting. I used many techniques such as finger painting and palette knives.

Sydney Palmer                                                         Medium: Acrylic/Oil Pastel                            9th Grade
My name is Sydney Palmer and I am in ninth grade. I am involved in concert band, marching band, jazz band, honors band, county band, and I play the clarinet and the piano. I am in track and field and I throw discus, javelin, and shot put. I enjoy art, as well as film and I hope to do that in my future career.

Tyler Palmer

Tyler Palmer                                                            Medium: Acrylic                                                    12th Grade
My name is Tyler Palmer. I am a senior at A-C Valley high school. Outside of school I like hunting, fishing, and just being outside.

Aaron Peterson                                                      Medium: Graphite                                                 12th Grade
My name is Aaron, I am a senior in high school. I like to hunt and fish. My favorite thing to hunt is ducks. I love America, the greatest country on Earth. That’s all you need to know about me.

John Planker                                                             Medium: Pottery                                                   8th Grade
My name is John Planker. I go to A-C Valley school district, and my favorite color is red. I am 14 years old and I play football. My positions that I have played so far are wide receiver and safety. I was born on February 8th 2003. I have a family of 6. I have 3 sisters and no brothers.

Cameron Rumbaugh                                           Medium: Graphite                                                11th Grade
My name is Cameron J. Rumbaugh.   My nickname is Aero. I attend A-C Valley and am a resident of Emlenton and Kennerdell. I enjoy playing sports such as hockey and airsoft. I’ve lived in Canada for a year for my Ninth grade year. I’m 6’4” with a bulky build.

Lexi Rupert                                                               Medium: Charcoal                                                 9th Grade
I am 15 years old and I go to A-C Valley high school and I am in the 9th grade. I moved to Parker when I was in 7th grade. I moved from Erie PA. I have 5 siblings not including my 2 older stepsisters that don’t live with me.

Kora Schmoll                                                           Medium: Acrylic                                                    9th Grade
My name is Kora Schmoll. I am a student at A-C Valley and am 14 years old.   I enjoy art, hunting and, cooking. I am also currently in art club, and I plan on going to school to pursue cooking.

Brooklyn Schreiber                                             Media: Ceramics                                                     8th Grade
Hello, my name is Brooklyn Schreiber. I am 14 years old and in the 8th grade. I live in Emlenton, Pennsylvania and have lived there since I was 5. I am joining softball this Spring and I was in marching band for the past two years. I am currently in Jazz band, Spanish club, Do Something Good Club, and Strategy Club.

Cassie Schwalm                                                      Medium: Acrylic                                                     11th Grade
My name is Cassie Schwalm. I am seventeen, and in the eleventh grade. I attend A-C Valley High School. I am on the varsity volleyball team. Outside of school I am involved in a Junior Olympic volleyball team. I am in various clubs including Student Council, and Spanish Club. This is my second year of art class. My featured piece is an acrylic. I chose the picture because I believe it is quite beautiful. I plan to continue my art career, and further my skills in the art world.

Baden Scott                                                               Medium: Charcoal                                                8th Grade
My name is Braden Scott I go to Allegheny Clarion Valley High School. I play paintball & airsoft. My first charcoal portrait was Donald Trump. I think I did really good on it.

Lydia Seaton                                                             Medium: Acrylic                                                     9th Grade
My name is Lydia Seaton, and I am a freshman at A-C Valley High School. I currently reside in downtown Emlenton. For my project, I used acrylic paints on a stretched canvas. Aside from art, I enjoy playing with my dogs and guinea pig, hanging out with family and friends, and reading up on the latest political news. I am also a swimmer for the Clarion YMCA Riversharks and participate in Track and Field.

Izaya Seeker                                                              Media: Oil Pastel                                                     11th Grade
My name is Izaya Seeker, I’m 16 years old and I’m a junior at ACV. I like to play baseball and I plan to play until I graduate.

Lexie Slater                                                                Medium: Charcoal                                                 11th GradeI am currently a junior at A-C Valley High School. I participate in many activities inside and outside of school. I am involved in Student Council, Family and Consumer Science Club, 4-H Teen Council, and am the vice president of the junior class. I also participate in cheerleading, softball, and track. Some of my other activities include theatre, gymnastics, choir, and private voice lessons. I also participated in our school musical this year, Schoolhouse Rock. I was a soloist in the songs “3 is a magic number” and “Do the circulation”. In my free time I enjoy reading and hanging out with friends and family. My favorite medium in art would have to be charcoal. In the show this year I have an acrylic painting of a calico kitten and a charcoal portrait of one of my favorite actresses, Keira Knightley.

Carson Snyder                                                         Medium: Charcoal                                              9th Grade
I like Charcoal the most.

Tarra Stefanacci                                                     Medium: Pottery                                                    8th Grade
My name is Tarra Stefanacci. I am 13 years old and I am in 8th grade. I am a Jr. High cheerleader, JO volleyball player and a competitive gymnastic. I’m also in Do Something Good Club. I enjoy hunting, fishing and summer. I am a very active student so it is hard to make time to go hunting and fishing.

Collin Stevanus

Collin Stevanus                                                       Medium: Acrylic                                                    12th Grade
My name is Collin, I am a senior in high school and the youngest in my class. I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing and trapping. I like hanging out with my friends and family, making memories and being there is the most important thing.

Abby Stewart                                                           Medium: Acrylic                                                    9th Grade
Hi, my name is Abby Stewart. I am a freshman at Allegheny Clarion Valley. I participate in volleyball. I painted a picture of fruit to hang up in our cafeteria. Acrylic is my favorite medium to do paintings in. 

Brooke Terwilliger                                              Medium: Ceramics                                                8th Grade
My name is Brooke Terwilliger. I’m 13 years old. I go to A-C Valley. I made this mask in art class. I participate in cheerleading, volleyball, softball, art club, and do something good club. I love to draw in my free time. My favorite medium is charcoal.

Kelsie Terwilliger                                                  Medium: Watercolor                                          10th Grade
My name is Kelsie Terwilliger and I am a sophomore at A-C Valley High School. I’ve played softball for the high school for 2 years and cheerleading for the high school for 4 years now and I also love to do gymnastics. I play on a traveling softball team called Clarion Cyclones. I love being outside, spending time with friends and family, and playing softball.  I very much enjoy learning and doing art. Mrs. Allen has taught me a lot such as never giving up and to have confidence in my art; she is a great art teacher. After school I plan on going to the Air Force and doing something in the Health field.

Ellie Thompson                                                                        Medium: Watercolor                                          11th Grade
My name is Ellie Thompson and I am a junior at A-C Valley. I participate in golf, basketball, and track. I have also been a member of FBLA for two years and help coach elementary basketball. The watercolor painting I did is of a cow.

Colton Ulrich                                                           Medium: Acrylic                                                     12th Grade
My name is Colton Ulrich I’m a senior up at Allegheny Clarion Valley High School. I am a member of one distinguished club designed to help people of the community. This volunteering aspect has always been with me and will always be with me, as I am entering the Navy of the United States of America to protect my country and serve my duty. Despite the fact that I am going into a serious future, I often enjoy fun things. This painting really expresses how much fun can be found in any situation, even the feud between internet browsers.

Garrett Vincent                                                                         Medium: Marker                                                   10th Grade
I like marker the best.

Sierra Verostek                                                                        Medium: Watercolor                                         10th Grade
My name is Sierra Verostek. I am sixteen, a sophomore at A-C Valley, and currently taking my first year of art. I am part of the A-C Valley musical, Senior High choir, A-C Valley Marching Band, and Senior High concert band. My favorite subject to paint is flowers, and my favorite medium to use is watercolor.

Shane Walker                                                          Medium: Pottery                                                    8th Grade
My name is Shane Walker and I go to AC Valley High School. My mask is about African People from Africa. I painted it with low fire turquoise and black paint. I do a lot of outdoors activities and indoor activities such as sitting and standing. I ripstik a lot and it’s fun.

Marissa Wampler                                                  Medium: Graphite                                               12th Grade
My name is Marissa Wampler. I’m eighteen years old, a senior at AC-valley. I used graphite because I love how the picture comes out with all the shading. Black and white pictures attract me more than fancy colors. I will soon be graduated with a little one on the way.

Broc Weigle                                                              Medium: Pottery                                                    8th Grade                             My name is Broc Weigle and I’m in 8th grade at A-C Valley High School. I have a younger sister; her name is Cora. I enjoy playing baseball and basketball in my free time. I’ve been playing baseball since I was 5 years old; this year will be the 8th year playing. I’ve been playing basketball for 4 years.

Emily Wetzel                                                            Medium: Charcoal                                                9th Grade
My name is Emily Wetzel and I am a ninth grade student at Allegheny Clarion Valley High School. I participate in volleyball, softball, art club, and intramurals. This portrait of Harry Styles is my first charcoal that I’ve ever done. I was very proud of myself while making this piece, and for a beginner if looks fairly realistic and detailed.

Summer Whitmer                                                 Medium: Oil Pastel                                                10th Grade
My name is Summer Whitmer, I’m a sophomore at A-C Valley. I was born on July 31, 2001. I love to play softball and recently took an interest in outdoor soccer. I also very much enjoy shooting and hunting with my father. I’ve cheered for a few years and also played basketball for 1 year.  I occasionally go to golf outings with my dad and a couple of others, and I definitely enjoy every second of it. I am from Bruin, PA, but I recently moved to Parker from Athens, PA. I have 3 sisters, and I am the oldest sibling. After High School, I plan to go to college for Orthopedic Therapy or Orthopedic Surgery. I just recently decided to take Art when I moved back from Athens, and I’ve taken a liking to Oil Pastels. I picked this project because it was the first project I decided to do this year. Although it did not turn out as I would have liked it to, I’m still proud of how far I’ve come as an artist.

Wyatt Levi Wike                                                    Medium: Linoleum                                              10th Grade
Hi my name Wyatt Wike. I am 15 years old.   I was born on April 27, 2001 and was raised In Emlenton Pennsylvania. My Favorite class is US Cultures 2. Mr. Austin is the best teacher. My project is a linoleum print of the U.S. Army Jump Wings. When I’m out of school, I want to be a Paratrooper in the United States Army.

Sierra Wolfe                                                              Medium: Watercolor                                          9th Grade
My name is Sierra Wolfe, I’m 14 years old and attend A-C Valley High School and I’m in 9th grade. I’ve always enjoyed drawing ever since I was little. I enjoy watching Supernatural and Shameless on Netflix. I like to read as often as I can. I like doing marker and charcoal drawings. This is my first year taking art but I plan to take it every year. 

Cejae Wyman                                                            Medium: Acrylic/Scratchboard Art          9th Grade
My name is Cejae Wyman. I am a freshman at A-C Valley High School. I live in the outskirts of Emlenton. I enjoy doing track, marching band, concert band, and musicals. I am currently part of the club ACV Business Leaders of Tomorrow. My acrylic painting was of my favorite character from the Disney movie Finding Nemo. I truly enjoy painting in acrylic, especially on vinyl records. My scratchboard art is one of my most favorite mediums; mine is of a butterfly, with a bit of a twist. Art is truly amazing and a very powerful thing.

Summer Young                                                      Medium: Watercolor/ acrylic                       9th Grade
My name is Summer Fawn and I am a 9th grade art student at Allegheny Clarion Valley High School. I am 15 years old and enjoy any kind of art and plan to be an art instructor when I grow up. If it wasn’t for my teacher (Mrs. Allen), my parents (Kelly and J.P. Young) and the rest of my family, I would not be where I am today! I also enjoy making crafty signs and room decor and plan to attend craft shows in the future.