Jason Floyd Lewis & Cheri Anderton-Yarnell

Cheri Lee Anderton-YarnellPotter
Jason Floyd LewisPainter

God’s Creation Enthralls Red Brick Gallery Artists

Whether watching the sunrise come up over a glistening field, marveling at the intricacies of nature on a woodland walk, or floating down the river charmed by the waterfowl and mesmerized by the water’s swirling patterns, we are blessed to live in the beautiful Allegheny River Valley Region. Worlds of wonder surround us.   Some of us reach for our cell phones to capture the moment in a photo. Fortunately, artists among us engage and interact with that inspiration to explore its beauty more deeply and share their discoveries with us in their artwork.

In the Red Brick Gallery’s next exhibit running from Friday, July 13 to August 29, 2017, local artists Jason Floyd Lewi and Cheri Lee Anderton-Yarnell reveal their awe of the beauty of God’s creation and their journey as artists in three different media: “Inspired Expressions: Brush, Lens & Clay”. Revel in their inspired watercolors, photography and pottery and meet them personally at an Exhibit Opening on Sunday, July 15 from 4 to 6 PM, after Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts’ 2 PM Lincoln Hall concert by internationally acclaimed pianist Frederick Moyer.



Cheri Lee Anderton-Yarnell, Potter

Cheri Lee Anderton-Yarnell at the wheel

For potter Cheri Lee Anderton-Yarnell, playing in the mud as a child began her lifelong passion for clay. Today her work is both a reflection of her concern for our planet and fellow humans as well as a celebration of earth and of a spiritual path.

“I enjoy weaving images in a variety of clay vessels.  I am particularly drawn to the plight of amphibians and endangered and threatened species,” said Anderton-Yarnell. “These have become the signature images in my work. From the playful to the profound, I intend for each vessel to evoke a sense of the beauty and peril of our world.”

Her work is primarily high fired porcelain or stoneware. Cheri creates each piece individually, from wedging the clay, forming each vessel on the potter’s wheel or hand building.  Some pieces receive surface treatment using handmade stamps, pieces of crochet or tatting for texture. Much of the work involves alteration through manipulating and through sculpting.


“This past year of working in clay has been one of introspection and of celebrating passages.  My journey in clay for 38 years has been a consuming pursuit in gaining skill and in expressing my observations of nature and reflecting my own spiritual path.  The subjects I am drawn to are wild places and in particular the plant and animal inhabitants.  This past year I completed a goal of walking the same 8 mile woodland path with my spouse each morning.  We marveled at the subtle intimate intricacies of PA woodlands.  These intricacies have emerged in this year’s renderings in clay.  Many of the pieces feature animals, botanicals and interpretive patterns.

All the work is original and formed by hand using slabs of clay or begins on the potters’ wheel.  I choose to work in porcelain or white stoneware because of the smooth white surface, which encourages surface decoration.  Many of the pieces are painted in colored slip (liquid clay infused with pigment) to produce surface depth.

The next step is sgraffito or etching through the slip to create imagery.  The etching process is very meditative and it is my hope these pieces will convey this mindset.  Other pieces in this collection are quite vibrant and feature the repetition of dot patterns that are very whimsical, while others feature sculptural animals.  All the work is high fired, durable and safe for use.

Green bowl

I have retired from shows this year.  My work may be found in Foxburg at the Red Brick Gallery, in Franklin at the Victorian Art and Frame Gallery shop and at the Gallery  Shop in State College, Pa.  My work has been published in two Lark Books:  500 Animals and 500 Teapots.”

Frog Teapot

I have been drawing and painting the landscape for over 15 years.  My artistic process has always centered around the naturalistic study of my subject.  The work evolves as I become interested in different characteristics I perceive in the world around me.  During the past winter, I have been observing the landscape in various states of diminishing light and thicker atmosphere.  This has been enabled by the shorter daylight hours of winter and the increased time spent outside in lower light conditions.  I have become inspired by the mystery and emotive potential I see in this imagery.  The exploration of these motifs has influenced the way I use light in all of my work.



Red Brick Gallery is located at 17 Main Street in historic Foxburg, PA. Gallery hours are Fridays, 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Saturdays, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Sundays, Noon to 4:00 PM.  An Opening Exhibit welcomes guests on Sunday, July 16, 2017 from 4 to 6 PM after the 2:00 PM concert of International Competition Winner, Sean Kennard.