OWLS of Clarion County-ARCA Co-sponsored w/Foxburg Free Library & Seneca Rocks Audubon Society

Ron Montgomery introduces Foxburg Area OWLS presentation

Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts (ARCA) was pleased to co-sponsor with the Foxburg Free Library the wonderfully engaging and entertaining presentation, “OWLS OF CLARION COUNTY” on Saturday, May 11 in Foxburg’s Lincoln Hall, presented by Gary Edwards, Mal Mays and Ron Montgomery from the Seneca Rocks Audubon Society.

Mal Mays, Gary Edwards, Ron Montgomery

The program attracted a large audience of all ages – including families and children eager to learn to make OWL SOUNDS!

The presentation offered vivid images of Owls, a stuffed owl overlooking the event, and an owl’s wing and talon passed among the audience.

Ron Montgomery, Gary Edwards and Mal Mays described how to identify by both sight and song the different species of owls that live and breed in the area.

The children’s sound imitations were excellent!
The three are contributing members of the Seneca Rocks Audubon Society. Besides being avid birders, they have been offering cost-free bird talks to libraries in Clarion County, feeling it is important to support libraries and the communities they serve.
Thank you to the three gentlemen, the Seneca Rocks Audubon Society and LaTrobe Barnitz from the Foxburg Free Library for organizing this delightful afternoon providing co-inhabitants of Clarion Country an opportunity to discover the owl denizens of the forests in their midst – on a rainy afternoon in Lincoln Hall.
Thanks to Ron and Judy Montgomery for their long time support as members and donors to Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts (ARCA)

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