Dazzled by The David Mayfield Parade

Still laughing from DAVID MAYFIELD’s brilliant patter about his post-COVID vacation plans… hysterical! He is an entertainer that oozes charm and personality and is infectiously energetic as the consummate showman delivering virtuosic musical performances with impressive vocal, instrumental and song-writing chops.

This is what ARCA is all about – GENIUS in our midst from The David Mayfield Parade in the intimate acoustics of Lincoln Hall!
From memorable song writing, glorious bluegrass tenor solos and close harmony vocals and virtuosic instrumentals (including two time banjo competition winner band member)
To comedy writing and delivery worthy of late night television and rock-star guitar playing antics!

Their consummate showmanship delighted ARCA’S enthusiastic bluegrass audience from the stage, on the floor in front of the stage with David singing an intimate song, in the center aisle as the whole band joined him-getting the audience singing and dancing, and outside on the Lincoln Hall patio in the moonlight after the concert to serenade the audience as they left.

Can’t wait to have them back – and next summer, don’t miss this joyous, musical experience!

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