Wishing You A Healthy & Happy 2021

As we begin a new year of promise, Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts wishes you a SAFE and HEALTHY and HAPPY 2021! 

For all of us 2020 will be a year we will never forget as COVID-19 deeply affected our lives in every way imaginable. Our deepest sympathy to those of you who have lost loved ones or have fought the virus yourself.

For the loss of work, businesses, cherished family events and the endless life interruptions we all have experienced, there are no words. Appreciation for everyone’s fortitude and courage abounds, as does gratitude that somehow we have made it through that.  Now we foster the hope that the future will bring health options that allow us to return to living life with gusto, sharing precious moments with each other and enjoying music and art that feeds the soul and helps us define life itself.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you for your attendance at concerts and the Red Brick Gallery in 2020

In the midst of this, thanks to all of you who attended ARCA concerts – the Clarion Quartet and Carnival of Souls before the lockdown in March and with COVID restrictions in July, September and October as you wore masks and were socially distanced.  Unfortunately, because of the limitations of slow internet connectivity in Foxburg’s Lincoln Hall, we were not able to livestream concerts without an audience.  We were grateful for those of you who chose to come, have your temperature checked and wear your masks throughout a concert as ARCA safely brought you the music you love so much –  concerts of Nathan Carterette, Fast Track, Trio of Blues/Sweet Atmosphere and Deanna Witkowski.

We also were grateful that before the lockdown in early March ARCA was able to continue its Educational ArtReach Program bringing the Renaissance City Winds to every student in the Allegheny-Clarion Valley Elementary and Junior-Senior High Schools with small workshops and assembly performances.

The good news is that artists and concerts that had to be cancelled will be rescheduled when it is safe for our artists and patrons, including Wurlitzer organist Dave Wickerham, David Allen Wehr & Cynthia Raim, Cahal Dunne, Judi Figel and John Burgh and his All Stars.

Red Brick Gallery and Gift Shop

Abundant thanks to all of you who came into the Red Brick Gallery and Gift Shop as it bravely opened its 2020 season in June as soon as Pennsylvania Green Guidelines allowed. Complying with COVID business restrictions, the RBG opened to the public four beautiful exhibits featuring Donna Edmonds, Andy Johnson and Cheri Yarnell; Stephen Haley and Dennis Keyes; Linda Thompson and Jason Lewis – as well as the Red Brick Annual Holiday exhibit.

Special gratitude to all our Cooperative Artists and RBG volunteers for the generous contribution of their time greeting guests and assuring that the RBG would be open to you, despite the stringent circumstances.

Your presence at concerts in Lincoln Hall and at Red Brick Gallery exhibits in 2020 has been uplifting to our artists and an affirmation that what ARCA does in the greater Allegheny River region makes a difference.

Thanks to ARCA Members and Donors

Sincere thanks from the ARCA Board of Directors for your generous financial support of what ARCA does in the community in 2020.  

Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts has only been able to serve its community with a continued presence in 2020 because of you – our devoted audience members and donors.  In this most challenging year, every gift was more precious than ever.  Your contributions allowed us to present concerts despite the structural financial loss due to the dramatically reduced audience capacity dictated by the PA COVID socially-distanced attendance restrictions.

The Board of Directors of Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts and The Red Brick Gallery Cooperative Artists extend their thanks to you – our treasured donors and audience members – for your generous support of our vision to bring world class music and art to all the people of the greater Allegheny-Clarion River Valley Region in this memorable, and most challenging year.

 ARCA Concerts and Exhibits in 2021

ARCA’s 2021 season will be scheduled in compliance with the ongoing Pennsylvania COVID guidelines for attendance at indoor and outdoor events.

Please check back for ARCA’s season announcement about the commencement of its Spring Concert Season and Red Brick Gallery exhibits during the 2021 season.

ARCA’s 2021 membership brochure also will be online early in the year.  You can sign up to receive newsletters and continue to find information about ARCA’s  2021 season and membership events on this site.

Once again, our heartiest wishes for a Healthy and Safe 2021 – filled with the joys of glorious music and art!